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Đề thi thử thpt quốc gia 2017 môn tiếng anh đề số 12

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Số trang: 6 | Loại file: DOC
    Môn: TI NG ANH – Đ S 12
    Th i gian làm bài: 60 phút, không k th i gian phát đ
    o ……………………………………………………………………. 
                    
    Question 1: A. centrate B. fine C. vention D. ceal
    Question 2: A. book B. miss C. describ D. pronounc
     ! 
    Question 3: A. particular B. circumstances C. advertisement D. environment
    Question 4: A. museum B. recommend C. commitment D. position
    Question 5: A. company B. atmosphere C. Customer D. employment
    %&''() "
    Question 6: The works of such men as the English philosophers John Locke and Thomas Hobbes
    helped ! academic freedom in the modern sense.
    A. prevent B. terminate C. lighten D. initiate
    Question 7: Many scientists agree that global warming poses great  to all species on Earth.
    A. irritations B. annoyances C. fears D. risks
    Question 8: The use of lasers in surgery has become  commonplace in recent years.
    A. absolutely B. relevantly C. comparatively D. almost
    %&*++*',- "
    Question 9: Population growth rates  among regions and even among countries within the same
    region. A. restrain B. fluctuate C. remain unstable D. stay unchanged
    Question 10: In some countries, the disease . could be prevented through environmental
    improvements. A. something to entertain B. something sad
    C. something enjoyable D. something to suffer
    ! ""  !$
  • Question 11: Abraham Lincoln's boyhood home resembled that of many other mid-western pioneers
    with its dirt floor, sleeping loft, and crude fireplace.
    A. boyhood home B. dirt floor C. crude fireplace D. that
    Question 12: A smile can be observed, described, and reliably identify; it can also be elicited and
    manipulated under experimental conditions.
    A. experimental B. smile C. conditions D. identify
    Question 13: After writing it, the essay must be duplicated by the student himself and handed into the
    department secretary before the end of the month.
    A. be B. into C. After writing it D. the end of
    Question 14: Question 55: Professor Jones said that a good way to improve your language are learning
    to practise it.
    A. to practise B. said C. are D. to improve
    Question 15: He stopped to smoke because cigarettes are harmful to his health.
    A. to smoke B. are C. to D. health
    Question 16: - Q: “What’s the matter? You don’t look very well.” - R: “I feel a little_____________.”
    A. under the weather B. out of the blue
    C. out of order D. under the impression
    Question 17: ___________ imaginative stories about the origin of the game of chess.
    A. Of the many B. Many of the C. There are many D. Many
    Question 18: In a formal interview, it is essential to maintain good eye______ with the interviewers.
    A. touch B. link C. contact D. connection
    Question 19: Oil shale is a soft, fine-grained sedimentary rock____ oil and natural gas are obtained.
    A. is from B. from which C. from D. is which
    Question 20: The government was finally___________ by a minor scandal.
    A. taken down B. brought down C. put back D. pulled down
    Question 21: Ann: “Do you need any help?” Kate: “_________________.”
    A. No, thanks. I can manage B. I haven’t got a clue
    C. Thats all for now D. That’s fine by me
    Question 22: Unfortunately, the company closed down because it couldn’t keep____________ with
    rapidly changing technology
    A. speed B. fast C. time D. pace
    Question 23: I___________ work last week, but I changed my mind.
    A. have started B. was going to start C. had started D. would start
    Question 24: He came_________ a lot of criticism for the remarks he made in a television interview.
  • A. out of B. in for C. off D. over
    Question 25: Anna is holding her shopping bag with one hand and turning the door handle with
    ___________. A. the other B. another C. others D. other
    Question 26: Choose the best arrangement of the sentences marked a, b, c, d to make a short dialogue.
    a. Does it have a garden? b. How many bedrooms does it have?
    c. Yes. It’s quite small, but there are some nice plants in it.
    d. Two, both of them with double beds.
    A. b-d-a-c B. d-b-c-a C. d-a-b-c D. b-c-d-a
    Question 27: Remember to appreciate what your friends do for you. You shouldn’t take them
    _________. A. as a rule B. as usual C. out of habit D. for granted
    Question 28: The twins look so much alike that almost no one can________ them__________.
    A. take/apart B. tell/away C. tell/apart D. take/on
    Question 29: The players’ protests__________ no difference to the referee’s decision at all
    A. did B. made C. caused D. created
    Question 30: Books are a wonderful___________ of knowledge and pleasure.
    A. way B. information C. source D. type
    )"!" 
    Our classes take place for three hours every morning from Monday to Friday. The
    (32)_________ class size is twelve and the average is ten. We use modern methods (31)_________
    teaching and learning, and the school has a language laboratory, a video camera and recorders. You will
    only be successful in improving your English; however, if you work hard and practise speaking English
    as much as you can. You will take a short (33)_________ in English as soon as you arrive. In this way,
    we can put you in a (34)_________ at the most suitable level.
    The emphasis is on oral communication practice in a wide (35)_________ of situations at the
    advanced knowledge. You will learn how to use language correctly and appropriately when you talk to
    native speakers. In addition, you will develop such study skills as reading efficiently, writing articles
    and reports, and note-taking from books and lectures.
    Question 31: A. maximum B. minimum C. small D. large
    Question 32: A. in B. of C. on D. for
    Question 33: A. test B. exam C. course D. lesson
    Question 34: A. form B. class C. grade D. course
    Question 35: A. variety B. amount C. number D. lot

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Đề thi thử thpt quốc gia 2017 môn tiếng anh đề số 12

Đề thi thử thpt quốc gia 2017 môn tiếng anh đề số 12

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