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Đề thi thử thpt quốc gia 2017 môn tiếng anh đề số 11

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Số trang: 5 | Loại file: DOC
    Môn: TI NG ANH – Đ S 11
    Th i gian làm bài: 60 phút, không k th i gian phát đ
    o ……………………………………………………………………. 
      ! !"#
    Question 1. A. moan B. present C. view D. robb
    Question 2. A. poition B. conider C. viit D. preident
      !
     !  "#
    Question 3. A. different B. important C. impressive D. attractive
    Question 4. A. familiar B. impatient C. uncertain D. arrogant
    Question 5: A. institution B. university C. preferential D. indicative
      "$#
    Question 6. The activists were accused of !" the minds of our young people.
    A. providing healthy ideas C. harming
    B. nurturing D. keeping in the dark
    Question 7. To prepare for a job interview, you should jot down your $ , work experience
    as well as some important information about yourself.
    A. what you have experienced C. your own qualities in real life
    B. your bio data and special qualities D. what you have earned through study
    Question 8: Scientists warn of the !" extinction of many species of plants and animals.
    A. irrefutable B. imminent C. formidable D. absolute
      "$#
    Question 9. Your experience with oil well fires will be * to the company in cased of trouble.
    A. valuable B. precious C. priceless D. worthless
    Question 10. '"" the danger to himself, Freddie dived into the river to save the puppy.
    A. Neglecting B. Overlooking C. Watching D. Noticing
    Question 11. They asked me what did happen last night, but I was unable to tell them.
  • A. asked B. what did happen C. but D. to tell
    Question 12. Your homework must to be done before class.
    A. homework B. to be C. done D. class
    Question 13. The more fast you drive, the greater danger you get.
    A. The more fast B. drive C. the greater D. danger
    Question 14. The meeting was so length that many people had to leave before it ended.
    A. length B. many C. to leave D. ended
    Question 15: Although they always argue with each other, but they are good friends.
    A. always B. with C. but D. friends
    Question 16. __________ range in colour from pale yellow to bright orange.
    A. Canaries which B. Canaries C. That canaries D. Canaries that are
    Question 17. Rarely______ remove the entire roof if a dandelion because of its length and sturdiness.
    A. can the casual gardener B. the casual gardener
    C. the casual gardener will D. does the casual gardeners
    Question 18. His__________ son will go to school this fall.
    A. five-year-old B. five-years-old C. five years old D. five years’ old
    Question 19. There are__________ paintings on the wall over there.
    A. two interesting little red French oil B. two little red interesting oil French
    C. little two interesting oil red French D. two oil interesting red little French
    Question 20. She spends a__________ deal of her time gardening.
    A. big B. large C. great D. high
    Question 21. It looked dark and heavy__________ it was going to rain.
    A. although B. as if C. whereas D. unless
    Question 22. Helen was__________ disappointed when she learnt that she hadn’t won the beauty
    contest. A. seriously B. bitterly C. strongly D. heavily
    Question 23. Tomorrow we will go fishing, weather__________.
    A. agreeing B. allowing C. permitting D. giving
    Question 24. Rescue teams continue to search for the people who got lost during the avalanche, but
    after so many days hopes are__________.
    A. dying away B. disappearing C. fading D. flying away
    Question 25. I’d opt for a glass of mineral water just to__________ my thirst.
    A. quit B. quench C. quiver D. quieten
    Question 26. - Q: “What do you think of his presence here?”
    - A: “The longer he stays, __________ I dislike him”
  • A. the most B. the very more C. much more D. the more
    Question 27. - Q: “Do you like that advanced training course you’re taking, James?”
    - R: “______________.”
    A. No, not everyone B. No, thanks
    C. Not me, I’m still waiting D. By and large, yes
    Question 28. - Q: “Sorry, I’m late Mike.” - R: “__________________.”
    A. Well, it’s worth a try B. Not on my account
    C. No, I wouldn’t mind at all D. That’s all right
    Question 29: Western women are more___________ than Asian women
    A. depend B. independent C. independently D. dependent
    Question 30: Choose the best arrangement of the sentences marked a, b, c, d to make a short dialogue.
    a. Oh yes, in the Evening Post?
    b. 279616. Ann Beaton speaking? c. That’s right. How much is it?
    d. Hello, I'm phoning about your advertisement for a flat.
    A. b-d-a-c B. d-b-c-d C. d-a-b-c D. b-c-d-a
    + ""!
      *#
    However objective we believe ourselves to be, most of us do not judge a product solely on its
    merits, considering quality, value and style before making a decision. (31)________, we are easily
    influenced by the people around us.
    There is nothing (32)___________ with this. It is probably a smarter way to make decisions than
    (33)________ on only our own opinions. But it does make life hard for companies. They have long
    understood that groups of friends and relatives tend to buy the same products, but understanding the
    reasons has been tricky. It is because they are so similar with (34)_______ to how much money they
    make and what television ads they watch that they independently (35)________ at the same decision?
    Or do they copy one another, perhaps (36)______ envy or perhaps because they have shared
    information about the products?
    Research in Finland recently found overwhelming evidence that neighbours have a big influence
    on buying decisions. When one of a person’s ten nearest neighbours bought a car, the chances that that
    person would buy a car of the same brand during the next week and a half (37)__________ by 86 per
    cent. The researchers argued that it was not just a (38)_________ of envy. Used cars seemed to attract
    neighbours even more than new cars. This suggested that people were not trying to (39)_______ up
    with their neighbours, they were keen to learn from them. Since used cars are less reliable, a
    recommendation of one can (40)________influence a buying decision.

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Đề thi thử thpt quốc gia 2017 môn tiếng anh đề số 11

Đề thi thử thpt quốc gia 2017 môn tiếng anh đề số 11

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