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Analysing financial management of ULSA Basis for efficient resource allocation.pdf

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    In this summary dissertation, all figures and tables are numbered as in dissertation
    Financial management in public universities and university general labor - in
    particular society is always a hot issue that is needed attention, but in fact there is a few
    research on this issue. Financial mechanism of the university need to be renewed. The
    allocation of financial resources for labor did not provide enough motivation for the
    development, salaries is average, so do not encourage the dynamism and creativity of
    teachers and administrators; allocation mechanism for the organization is irrational,
    uncontrollable quality on a large-scale investment from the state budget. Attracting
    investment from social resources for higher education (including public schools) is also
    limited. Thus, "Financial Management at the University of Labor - Social: basis for
    allocation resources" were chosen as the thesis.
    The structure of dissertation includes 6 chapters.
    Education in our country over the next decade in the context of developing world are
    more rapid and complex changes. Globalization and international integration in education
    has become an inevitable trend. Fast-growing demand for education to meet the demands
    of industrialization and modernization of the country, economic development in depth
    knowledge with advanced technologies and international integration, while the the
    resources to education is limited, will create pressure on educational development.
    From the unreasonable current status of resources allocation in ULSA:
    - The quality of the teachers is inadequate, the salary of each teacher is not high,
    and method of payment of salary for each teacher on fix rank and seniority to lose the its
    - Training program is now not really completed, ULSA invested about 12% for
    program but basic teaching methods are still in the old lines, mostly by traditional
    methods. Students are not interested in program. Therefore, the school should innovate
    program and method to meet current needs.
    - The amount of investing equipment and facility of ULSA is small. The
    procurement of equipment and facilities were not timely and did not meet the
    - Providing services of ULSA now account for a relatively large proportion of
    25.5%, but the service is not really efficient. Administrative procedures are cumbersome,
    providing information to students and parents is slow and inaccurate, service attitude is
    not good.
  • ULSA need to allocate resources suitable to get high quality. Thus, analyzing the
    financial management: basis for efficient resources allocation is very necessary.
    In recent years, many principals have errors in financial management, leading to
    serious disunity, even corruption cases occur, adversely affecting the reputation of the
    school as well as the professional subject.(Thanh Binh, 2012)
    This study focuses on financial management of ULSA, so that we can allocate
    suitably resources because ULSA today are still subsidized so it is not interested much in
    financial efficiency.
    The specific objectives of this dissertation are:
    1. To determine the profile of the respondents in terms of the following
    1.1. gender
    1.2. age
    1.3. highest educational attainment
    1.4. monthly average income
    1.5. position
    2. To assess the effect of financial management in resources allocation in the
    following areas:
    2.1. labor
    2.1.1. salary
    2.1.2. professional development and teaching quality
    2.1.3. career development
    2.2. equipment and infrastructure

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Analysing financial management of ULSA Basis for efficient resource allocation.pdf

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